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This course covers the introduction to and service of the engine’s lubrication system. In the lessons enclosed, we will discuss:

  1. Introduction to the Engine’s Lubrication System.
    • Critical Components
  2. The Effects of Friction on an Engine.
    • Types of Friction
    • Results of Friction
    • The Danger of Cold Starts
    • Severe Driving Conditions
  3. Motor Oil
    • 5 Major Functions of Motor Oil
    • What’s in Motor Oil?
    • Viscosity: What the Numbers Mean
    • Motor Oil Breakdown
    • Why Perform an Oil Change?
    • Performing an Oil System Service
  4. The benefits of True Brand.
    • Female Owned & Family Operated
    • We Are the Manufacturer
    • Quality Ingredients
  5. True Brand Engine MAX.
    • Product Benefits/Features/Application
    • What is PTFE?
    • PTFE vs Ceramics
    • PTFE History
    • PTFE in innovation and industry
    • PTFE benefits
  6. True Brand High Mileage Treatment
    • Product Benefits/Features/Application
    • The Truth About Viscosity Enhancers
  7. True Brand Oil System Cleaners
    • Product Benefits/Features
    • Don’t put Clean Oil in a Dirty Engine
    • Why & How to Perform the Service