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Here at Solid Start, we firmly believe that knowledge is power and that Increased Education =  Increased Profits!  This is true whether you are a business owner, a seasoned tech, or a new hire, the more you know, the more effective you will become in our industry. 

While there is no substitute for hands-on training, we know that we can't be all places at all times - that's why we launched this online-training portal.  Earn your certification as a True Tech™ and you will be equipped to better educate your customers on the latest trends and preventative maintenance requirements in the automotive industry, because your best customer is an educated buyer.

The more you learn, the more you can earn!


True Training - Fuel System
True Training - Power Steering
True Training - Engine
True Training - Transmission
True Training - Cooling System
True Training - Sales 101

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True Training - Headlight Kit
True Training - TrueCold